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Access Consciousness Bars: New energetic modality to free your mind

ARE YOU looking for a new energy modality to experience? Are you tired? Would you like to experience a modality that will allow more ease in your life, allow you to receive more, and delete the trash file in the hard drive of your mind? Then look no further. The Bars™ was founded over 25 years ago by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness. One day he had a profound download of information in which he was given a new energetic modality that would help to unlock the polarity and electrical charges that are created as a result of the limited thoughts and belief patterns that get stored in our heads. Basically, it helps to remove the judgments, decisions, conclusions, and projections we have pertaining to ANY area in our lives.


The Access Consciousness Bars is an energetic process that consists of touching 32 points on the head that store the electrical and energetic charge of thoughts, feelings, emotions, judgments, decisions, beliefs in any area that are keeping you or your body stuck. Some of these points include Healing, Money, Body, Time, Hopes, Control, Joy, Sadness, Awareness, Creativity, Aging, etc.

Our minds are often referred to as computer. What if the Bars™ actually are the push button equivalent of clicking the trash icon on your computer? Would you be willing to receive more space for the things you really desire in life and let go of the trash that is no longer working?


You will remain fully clothed and typically laying on a massage therapy table or comfortable reclining chair. The practitioner or Bars facilitator will begin the process by placing their hands on your feet, hands, and head to flow energy. This would be the equivalent of warming up the muscles before engaging in physical activity. Following this they will place their hands on the BARS™ (32 energetic points on your head). See the head chart for point position locations.

How will I feel while my Bars™ are being run? Each experience is individual. As a Bars™ facilitator, I can share some of the experiences that I have witnessed on my massage therapy table. I have seen people laugh, relax, cry, snore, and get off and tell me that they feel a peace within them that they hadn’t had prior to the Bars session. Please remember whatever happens during your session is your own unique experience.


This may be an extreme example of how the BARS has changed someone’s life yet but it’s worth sharing as one of the most inspirational that I’ve heard. Thirteen years ago prior to knowing about Access Consciousness, Dr. Heer had set a date to commit suicide. He basically said, “Universe you have six months or I’m out of here.” He then saw something that changed his life—an advertisement in a newspaper that read, “All of life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory,” with a name and phone number. He called the number and asked what do you do? The joyful women on the phone said “we do lots of things; why don’t we start first with you having your BARS run.” After his first BARS session, he never contemplated suicide again and continued having his BARS run.


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