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HOMEOSTASIS3 is a group of holistic health practitioners that provides counselling about any health issue to people who are open to alternative/holistic health solutions.


Clinical Aromatherapist
Wellness advocate

Essential oil counsellor
Metamorphic Technic practitioner
Member of the Natural hygiene and Nutrition
Larnacas - Ammochostou


Margarita is a certified Wellness advocate with great experience in the benefits and the proper usage of essential oil for the best interest of the consumer.
Margarita is also certified practitioner on the Systemic psychology.


President of Natural Hygiene and Nutrition

Larnaca - Ammochostou Association

Kyriacos Louka

Kyriacos is a herbalist with more than 20 years of experience on what nature can do for humans. As a brain tumour survivor, he had various adventures with his health which left him with nothing but disappointment about life. Luckily his life changed for the better when he got introduced to natural solutions. Ever since he has dedicated his life to helping others through nature.

1st Degree American College of Athens.

2nd Degree College of Natural Medicine.

Gkloria Louka


Metamorphic technique practitioner

Reiki Practitioner

Secretary A. of Natural Hygiene

and Nutrition 

Larnaca's - Ammochostou 


Gkloria Louka is Naturopath with years of experience on non-invasive / natural methods of treatment for various types of health issues with outstanding results. Her approach towards the patient is working along with the issues that exist and eliminating them gradually in order not to add additional stress to the patient. Her goal is to help the organism of the patient regain its power of self-healing and not being eternally bound to supplements and drugs that would potentially harm them in the long run. 1st Degree University of Sunderland

2nd Degree College of Natural Medicine.

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